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Carlos Varon

Carlos Varon worked with Dr. Siewerdsen at the University of Toronto, where his work involved the development of dual-energy imaging for improved diagnostic performance in early-stage lung cancer detection. Carlos…

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Daniel Tward

Daniel began work with Dr. Siewerdsen as a Research Assistant at the University of Toronto, where his work included modeling of 3D imaging performance (noise-power and NEQ) for cone-beam CT.…

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William Shyr

William Shyr is an undergraduate in the Department of Biomedical Engineering. He currently works on the analysis of 3D joint space from high-resolution 3D images and its correlation with biomechanical…

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Thomas Reigel

Tommy worked as a Research Assistant and Laboratory Technician at the I-STAR Lab, where his work included x-ray image quality and development of the I-STAR high-speed computing network. Thomas is…

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Benjamin Ramsay

Ben was an undergraduate in Hopkins BME collaborated on anĀ atlas-based registrationĀ in which sub-atlases are used in a series of stages according to similarity in principal component analysis to guide more…

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