This year marks the 10th Anniversary of the I-STAR Lab at Hopkins BME.

The team celebrated at the Baltimore Inner Harbor with food and good cheer aboard The Raven. Several alumni made the trip to Baltimore to celebrate, including:
Alisa Brown (former undergraduate research assistant, now a scientist at FDA)
Hao Dang (former PhD student, now CT scientist at Philips),
Paul De Jean (former research scientist, now CEO at Luca Medical Systems)
Tharindu De Silva (former fellow, now research scientist at NIH)
Yifu Ding (former undergraduate research assistant, now finishing his MD/PhD at Penn State)

Josh Punnoose (former undergraduate research assistant, now a PhD student at U Minnesota)

Tommy Reigel (former Lab Manager, now Sr. Developer at Analytical Informatics)
Adam Wang (former fellow, now Assistant Professor at Stanford),
Jennifer Xu (former PhD student, now research scientist at Northrup Grumman)
Sixty I-STARs turned out for the event – a great day spent in good cheer, collegiality, and friendship.
Over the last decade, Jeff Siewerdsen along with Web Stayman and Wojciech Zbijewski built collaborative programs for research in image-guided surgery, diagnostic imaging, quantitative imaging, new CT and cone-beam CT imaging systems, the mathematics of image quality, and new image registration and reconstruction methods.
All of the work proceeded with close clinical collaboration in Neurosurgery, Orthopaedic Surgery, Radiology, Otolaryngology, Cardiology, Pathology, Anesthesia / Critical Care Medicine, and Radiation Oncology.
And much is owed to engineering collaborators in BME, Computer Science, and Physics as well as industry collaborators at Siemens, Medtronic, and Carestream.
Most importantly, the lab has given a launching pad for students, fellows, and junior faculty to build stellar careers and accomplish great things in science and medicine. In addition to ~30 students, fellows, and faculty currently at home in I-STAR, there are nearly 60 I-STAR alumni!
THANK YOU for a great decade, and here’s looking forward to another.