Thomas Reigel

Tommy worked as a Research Assistant and Laboratory Technician at the I-STAR Lab, where his work included x-ray image quality and development of the I-STAR high-speed computing network. Thomas is…

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Sureerat Reaungamornrat, Ph.D.

Sureerat (Ja) Reaungamornrat earned her PhD in Computer Science at Johns Hopkins University, where her research involved the development of novel deformable image registration methods for image-guided interventions.

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Benjamin Ramsay

Ben was an undergraduate in Hopkins BME collaborated on an atlas-based registration in which sub-atlases are used in a series of stages according to similarity in principal component analysis to guide more…

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Vignesh Ramchandran

Vignesh Ramchandran is an undergraduate majoring in Biomedical Engineering working on adapting the UR5 robotic arm for use in high-precision, image-guided tool placement to assist pedicle screw placement procedures.

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Radhika Rajaram

Radhi worked as Lab Coordinator at the I-STAR Lab and Carnegie Center for Surgical Innovation. She worked extensively with the 3D Printing Facility at the Carnegie Center, helping to develop…

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Joshua Punnoose

Joshua Punnoose is a undergraduate Biomedical Engineer at Johns Hopkins. In the I-STAR Lab, Josh is working to implement an automatic instrument registration algorithm to improve registration accuracy and design tools…

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Prakhar Prakash

Prakhar earned his Master's degree at Hopkins BME, where his work at the I-STAR Lab focused on image quality models and optimization of cone-beam CT for orthopaedics imaging. His work…

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Amir Pourmorteza, Ph.D.

Dr. Pourmorteza is a biomedical engineer working on model-based 3D image reconstruction for CT and cone-beam CT. He received his Ph.D. in BME at Hopkins under the supervision of Dr.…

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Yoshito Otake, Ph.D.

Dr. Otake ("Yoshi") was a postdoctoral fellow at Hopkins BME and Computer Science and helped to develop several novel algorithms for 3D-2D image registration, including the LevelCheck algorithm for image-guided…

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Sajendra Nithiananthan, Ph.D.

Dr. Nithiananthan ("Saj") earned his PhD in Biomedical Engineering at Hopkins on the topic of deformable image registration. His work included novel variations on the Demons algorithm with primary application…

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