I-STARs Come out to Shine at AAPM Philadelphia

August 1, 2010

Congratulations to eveyone for hard work and outstanding presentations at the annual meeting of the AAPM in Philly:

Grace Gang et al. “The Genralized NEQ and Detectability Index for Tomosynthesis and Cone-Beam CT”
Paul De Jean et al. “High-Performance Dual-Energy Imaging with a Wireless DR Detector: High-Quality Imaging in the ICU”
Sebastian Schafer et al. “Cone-Beam CT Guidance of Spine Surgery: Performance and Integration of a New High-Performance C-Arm Prototype”
Wojtek Zbijewski et al. “Design and Initial Performance of a Dedicated Cone-Beam CT System for Musculoskeletal Extremities Imaging”
Web Stayman et al. “Predicting Noise and Resolution Properties in Tomosynthesis with Statistical Image Reconstruction”
Jeff Siewerdsen et al. “C-Arm Cone-Beam CT: Essential Science and Practicalities”

Some presentations are available in \PRESENTATIONS\
… and a few snapshots can be found on Picasa.

I-STAR Lab Turns 1-Year Old

July 1, 2010

I-STAR Lab Turns 1-Year Old
The I-STAR Lab celebrated its first anniversary at Hopkins on July 1, 2010! It has been a fantastic year – a new lab space, new collaborations, fantastic students and staff, and a new home in Baltimore!

Top 5 Highlights of Our First Year:
5. Lab construction. (Thanks to Tom Judy, Bill Woodcock, and Elliot McVeigh for support!)
4. A new and improved imaging bench
3. C-arm moved to the Minimally Invasive Surgical Training and Innovation Center (MISTIC)
2. Fun, friends, warm weather, and great food in Baltimore!
1. … and BME!!!

A few snapshots from our first year are available on Picasa.