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SPIE Medical Imaging 2015

  • Dang et al., Cone-Beam CT of Traumatic Brain Injury Using Statistical Reconstruction with a Post-Artifact-Correction Noise Model
  • Zbijewski et al., Dual-Energy Imaging of Bone Marrow Edema on a Dedicated Multi-Source Cone-Beam CT System for the Extremities
  • Sisniega et al., Spectral CT of the Extremities with a Silicon Strip Photon Counting Detector
  • Ouadah et al., Self-Calibration of Cone-Beam CT Geometry Using 3D-2D Image Registration: Development and Application to Tasked-Based Imaging with a Robotic C-Arm
  • Uneri et al., Known-Component 3D-2D Registration for Image Guidance and Quality Assurance in Spine Surgery Pedicle Screw Placement
  • Gang et al., Task-Driven Imaging in Cone-Beam Computed Tomography

CARS 2015

  • Zbijewski et al., Quantitative Assessment Of Bone And Joint Health On A Dedicated Extremities¬†Cone-Beam CT System
  • De Silva et al., Development And Clinical Evaluation Of 3D-2D Registration (LevelCheck) For Vertebral Level Localization In Spine Surgery
  • Sisniega et al., High-quality soft-tissue brain imaging with cone-beam CT for point-of-care evaluation of traumatic brain injury
  • Marinetto et al., Intraoperative Fusion of 3D Ultrasound and C-Arm Cone Beam CT: Feasibility and Characterization for Real-Time Guidance of Needle Insertion
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