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Motion Correction for High-Resolution Cone-Beam CT: Paper by Sisniega et al.

A paper published by Dr. Alejandro Sisniega (Research Associate, Department of Biomedical Engineering) and colleagues at the I-STAR Lab describes a new method for correcting patient motion in cone-beam CT (CBCT). Because CBCT often involves scan times >10 sec (for … Continue reading

Zbijewski Leads New Program for Imaging of Bone Health

No bones about it: Dr. Wojciech Zbijewski‘s research is breaking new ground in imaging technology and advancing the clinical understanding of conditions affecting the bones and joints. Dr. Z (“Wojtek”) and his team are developing new imaging methods that break … Continue reading

Four Presentations at Fully 3D 2015

New methods for model-based 3D image reconstruction are the focus of The Fully 3D Meeting, May 31 – June 4, in Newport Rhode Island, including 4 presentations from the I-STAR Lab: Web Stayman leads the charge (Monday, June 1) with breakthrough work on “Task-Based Optimization … Continue reading

RSNA 2014: Imaging from Head to Toe

Four RSNA talks from the I-STAR Lab at Johns Hopkins University include cone-beam CT research in a spectrum of emerging applications – from “head to toe.” For imaging of traumatic brain injury (TBI), Alejandro Sisniega presents a comprehensive framework for … Continue reading