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Ali Uneri Earns Ph.D. in Computer Science

Ali Uneri successfully defended his Ph.D. dissertation, entitled “Imaging and Registration for Surgical Guidance: Systems and Algorithms for Intraoperative C-Arm 2D and 3D Imaging” in December 2016.   His work realized methods for mobile C-arm 2D and 3D imaging integrated with surgical … Continue reading

Hao Dang Tackles Truncation Using Multi-Resolution CT Reconstruction

A recent paper published in Physics in Medicine and Biology by Hao Dang and coauthors in the I-STAR Lab reports a multi-resolution CT image reconstruction method that efficiently overcomes truncation effects, which are a particularly important problem in cone-beam CT (which often has … Continue reading

The Carnegie Center of Surgical Innovation: A different kind of operation.

The Carnegie Center was highlighted in a recent BME newsletter. For Jeff Siewerdsen, a professor of biomedical engineering, it was not hard to imagine such a synergistic connection between biomedical engineers and surgeons. “Clinical collaboration has always been the inspiration … Continue reading

Congratulations! Dr. Jean-Paul Wolinsky, Professor of Neurosurgery.

Congratulations!!! to Dr. Jean-Paul Wolinsky, MD, promoted to Professor of Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins University.  Dr. Wolinsky’s work focuses on the development of minimally invasive surgical techniques for the resection and stabilization of neoplastic disease of the spine and novel surgical strategies for pathology … Continue reading