Research Awards at AAPM 2014 (Austin TX)

Grace Gang and Adam Wang – both postdoctoral fellows in the I-STAR Lab at Hopkins – won awards for outstanding research at the annual meeting of the AAPM in Austin TX, July 24, 2014. Grace was awarded an AAPM Research Seed Funding Grant for her project entitled “Task-Driven, Patient-Specific Imaging for CT and Cone-Beam CT,” work that combines the fundamental physical models of image quality with statistical reconstruction to improve imaging performance and reduce dose. Adam Wang was awarded the Junior Investigator Award for his abstract entitled, “Low-Dose C-arm Cone-Beam CT with Model-Based Image Reconstruction for High-Quality Guidance of Neurosurgical Intervention.” Adam’s work demonstrates the powerful role that advanced 3D imaging methods hold for image-guided procedures, providing high-quality images in the OR for guidance, quality assurance, and improved patient safety.