Hao Dang Earns PhD in Biomedical Engineering

Hao Dang earned his Ph.D. from Johns Hopkins University after successfully defending his dissertation, entitled Model-Based Iterative Reconstruction in Cone-Beam Computed Tomography: Advanced Models of Imaging Physics and Prior Information. His thesis details the development of new model-based iterative reconstruction methods that leverage advanced models of imaging physics, task-based assessment of imaging performance, and patient-specific anatomical information from previously acquired images. The approaches uncovered in his work demonstrate substantial improvements in CBCT image quality for applications ranging from detection of acute intracranial hemorrhage to surveillance of lung nodules.

Hao Dang’s doctoral research was carried out in the I-STAR Lab) in Biomedical Engineering under supervision of Prof. Jeffrey H. Siewerdsen (primary advisor) and Prof. J. Webster Stayman (co-advisor). His Ph.D. dissertation focused on the development of new model-based iterative reconstruction methods to improve image quality – specifically, low-contrast, soft-tissue image quality – and reduce radiation dose in cone-beam computed tomography. His Ph.D. research culminated in multiple novel contributions to the field, leading to several published studies and conference presentations and subsequent translation of technology into clinical studies.

Hao’s Thesis Committee Members included Dr. Jeffrey H. Siewerdsen (Biomedical Engineering), Dr. J. Webster Stayman (Biomedical Engineering), Dr. Jerry L. Prince (Electrical and Computer Engineering) and Dr. Katsuyuki Taguchi (Radiology).

Congratulations, Hao!