Monthly Archives: May 2016

The Carnegie Center of Surgical Innovation: A different kind of operation.

The Carnegie Center was highlighted in a recent BME newsletter. For Jeff Siewerdsen, a professor of biomedical engineering, it was not hard to imagine such a synergistic connection between biomedical engineers and surgeons. “Clinical collaboration has always been the inspiration … Continue reading

PMB paper by Sarah Ouadah reports “self-calibration” of Zeego geometry for 3D imaging.

A paper entitled; “Self-calibration of cone-beam CT geometry using 3D-2D image registration” by Sarah Ouadah, recently published in Physics in Medicine and Biology, presents a method for geometric calibration of an arbitrary source-detector C-arm orbit by registering 2D projection data … Continue reading

I-STAR Seminar: Dr. Ke Li on the Theoretical Applications of Four Dimensional Cascaded Systems Analysis of Cerebral CT Perfusion Imaging.

The I-STAR lab welcomes Dr. Ke Li for his seminar on Thursday, May 26th, entitled: Four-dimensional cascaded systems analysis of cerebral CT perfusion imaging: Theoretical framework and potential applications. The recent success of clinical trials on endovascular stroke therapy has brought … Continue reading