Monthly Archives: May 2013

CONGRATULATIONS, Dr. Nithiananthan!

Sajendra Nithiananthan successfully defended his PhD dissertation,Demons Deformable Registration for Intraoperative Cone-Beam CT Guidance of Head and Neck Interventions. Sajendra’s work included the following three peer-reviewed journal articles as well as several conference proceedings, talks, and posters:— S. Nithiananthan et al.,“Demons … Continue reading

CARS 2013 – Heidelberg, Germany

Four presentations from the I-STAR Lab report advances in 3D-2D image registration, image reconstruction, image-guided surgery, and diagnostic imaging:— Y. Otake et al., Automatic localization of vertebral levels in C-arm fluoroscopy: Evaluation of the LevelCheck algorithm in a preclinical cadaver study with … Continue reading

Research in 3D Image Reconstruction Presented at Fully 3D

Four presentations from the I-STAR Lab report advances in 3D image reconstruction:— J. W. Stayman et al., Task-Based Trajectories in Iteratively Reconstructed Interventional Cone-Beam CT— W. Zbijewski et al., Volumetric Imaging with Sparse Arrays of Photon Counting Silicon Strip Detectors — A. S. Wang et … Continue reading