Monthly Archives: January 2012

Webcast of the Month: Fundamentals of 3D Filtered Backprojection

Dr. Siewerdsen’s seminar at the annual meeting of the AAPM (Vancouver BC) was selected as the AAPM Virtual LIbrary “Webcast of the Month”: — Fundamentals of 3D Filtered Backprojection — Virtual Library presentation available online at: 3D Filtered Backprojection — PDF slides are available … Continue reading

TREK Software for Image-Guided Surgery Turns 1.0

Within one year of its creation, the TREK software architecture has enabled a broad spectrum of research in image-guided surgery. Created by Ali Uneri in ongoing collaboration between the Departments of Biomedical Engineering (Jeff Siewerdsen), Computer Science (Russ Taylor), and Surgery (Drs. Khanna, Reh, Gallia, … Continue reading